More info on Digital Arts Career Day

The following information is to help participants to better understand what will take place on the day of the event and how to register your name, business or portfolio on this website. Your COMMENTS on the respective BUSINESSES and STUDENT and ALUMNI pages located on the left vertical navigational menu will confirm your participation. There are limited spaces so please register ASAP


Please send a representative from your studio or business who will be able to meet students and or alumni for potential internships or job offerings. You will be able to view portfolios and interview students/alumni. The event will take place at the Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension which houses 6 Macintosh Labs. Each lab holds 20 workstations with medium to large flat screen monitors. Each student/alumni participant will present their portfolios on 2-3 monitors to allow enough room to chat and to quickly peruse their portfolio. A resume and card will also be available from each participant. What we are asking from businesses will be to give a suggested donation to the New Media Group Scholarship Fund for incoming high school students attending WCC. This WordPress site serves as our way to confirm your participation. Simply go to the Business page and post your name and business and what you are specifically looking for in skills and experience. A New Media Group member will contact you to confirm your participation.

Again, thank you for your participation in this biennial event.  We hope that New Media Group and Center for the Digital Arts may serve as a digital arts resource for your business or organization needs.


All portfolio participants must be approved by the New Media Group Digital Arts Career Day team. Please email Faculty Advisor and post your Name and URL on the STUDENTS_ALUMNI page. The NMG will then email you a confirmation for a possible participation.  All approved participants will need to have a resume and business card ready for the Friday April 2nd day. It is recommended to have your resume reviewed by a NMG member, just request an edit session in your email to the Faculty Advisor.

Each portfolio participant will get 2-3 monitor workstations to demo their portfolio. It is recommended to only show your best work. A portfolio review will take place for each participant as soon as you register. Format for the portfolios should follow any of the following formats: PDF, PPT, HTML, SWF, MOV, MP3, JPGS. All workstations are Macintosh.

Register early there are limited spaces. Click to register on the STUDENT_ALUMNI page.

Studio Tours take place in March and is limited to 10 people. If you are interested in a Studio Tour please make that comment when you register on this website. All tours are on a Friday at lunchtime.

This is a biennial event so do not miss out on this opportunity to meet the design and advertising studios of Westchester County along with the non-profit orgs who need your digital arts skills and experience.


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