Students and Alumni

Students and Alumni please register on this page  – scroll down to the COMMENTS box. Enter information and be sure to link to a URL so that businesses may get a sneak preview of your work. You only need to place a few examples. If you do not have a url try using WORDPRESS it is easy. List a few comments about your skills, your education goals and career aspirations. A New Media Group member will contact you to confirm your participation. Be sure to have a resume and a card for the event DIGITAL ARTS CAREER DAY, Friday April 2nd 10am –  3pm (Reminder: portfolio participants need to upload works that week no later then Thursday April 1st, and arrive on Friday April 2nd at 9am to boot up workstations) Breakfast and Lunch will be served with beverages on Friday.



  1. […] STUDENT and ALUMNI register here  |  For BUSINESS and NON-PROFITs register […]

    • I like to think of myself as an electronic music producer, specializing in MIDI software, such as Logic Pro, Fruity Loops, some work in Pro Tools, and a Korg Triton Synthesizer. I am a graduate with honors from the Institute of Audio Research, and interned at Eagle Rock Entertainment for six months (trying to experience the business aspect of music; calculating label’s soundscan reports, assisting the accounts department, gopher runs, etc.).

      My goal is to eventually become a freelance music producer and/or engineer for all aspects of media. In addition, I wish to intern for any willing studio or music production company, label, etc.- with hopes for a potential long-term job opportunity. If my goals for freelancing do notexactly work out, I’m planning on transferring to senior college majoring in some form of english, in an effort to possibly teach.

  2. Aaron Porter Said:

    I am a graphic artist, illustrator and multimedia artist. I specialize in Explanatory graphics and illustration. The software that I use most is, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects. My immediate educational goals are to learn 3D modeling and animations, and increase my actionscripting skills beyond the basic level.

    Ultimately I hope to find a full-time job or regular freelance which utilized my skills in Flash animation, illustration, motion graphics/FX and video editing.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Please confirm that I have successfully register for the DACD event on April 2nd.

    Many Thanks,
    – Joseph

  4. Kimberly Lofton Said:

    Hello Prof. Krikun,

    I’d like to participate in this event!


    Kimberly Lofton

  5. marquisx Said:

    Hey Professor Krikun,

    I’m an illustrator, animator, I do a lot of creative writing and recently I’ve been playing with 3d animation. I’m mostly self taught but I’ve done a few internships and learn from the best. I’d like to take what i know to the next level because there’s always room for improvement. Thanks for the invite and i hope to learn and grow as an artist.

    Marquis Charles

  6. Leah Quinn Said:

    Hi Everyone, Debbie

    I am most certainly confirming my registration for Career Day on April 2nd.

    My websites:, and


    I’ll be there, thank you very much for the invitation. –Thor

  8. Hello!

    I will be there, looking forward to it!

  9. Kurt Fischer Said:

    Please register me for the Digital Arts Career Day on April 2nd. Thank you.

  10. Carly Said:

    I would love to attend Career Day on April 2nd!

  11. Stacie G Said:

    Please register me for the Digital Arts Career Day on April 2nd. Thank you.

  12. Hello,

    I’d like to register for Digital Arts Career Day.

    I completed my Digital Arts Certificate in December 2009, and am looking for a full-time graphic design position.

    I currently work part-time as a designer and production assistant for Visual Language LLC in Irvington, NY. I have experience designing for print and web, and am proficient with the full Adobe Creative Suite.

    Looking forward to the event!

    Emily Shields

  13. rosalindg Said:

    Hi, Prof. Krikun

    I would like to voluteer for the career day event taking place on April 2
    thank you

  14. Leila Molle Said:

    I would love to attend!

    I am an illustrator with experience in 3D modeling and animation, video editting and flash.

    Thank you,


  15. Lisa Ratner Said:

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for the invite. I will be there.

    Music technology specialist, computer arts mulitimedia designer and producer. Award winning music production/composition.

  16. Brigid Faranda Said:

    Hi Deb

    I would be interested to be part of the DACA on April 2. I have a good foundation and experience of Graphic Design and am ready to share my skills in the Digital Arts field, Illustrator and Photoshop along with a special love of typography.

    Brigid Faranda

  17. I’ll be attending to display my Illustrations and designs, and plan to get my Digital arts certificate by the end of the 2010 fall semester. Looking forward to it!

  18. lauralicitra Said:

    Dear Professor Krikun,

    I am still working on my page a little, but I would love to participate as well.

    Laura Licitra

  19. Hi Professor Krikun,

    I am a freelance web developer and computer consultant. I would love to participate in Career Day.

    Noah Portes Chaikin
    (203) 807-8672

  20. jdiscala Said:

    Professor Krikun,

    I would like to take part in DACD. I have been taking classes in all areas of design, photo imaging, illustration, and a some web design, and I wold love to show some of my school work along with some of my work from my internship.

    Joseph DiScala

  21. nickcausa Said:

    Hi Dr. Krikun,

    I would love to be apart of the Career Day and thank you very much for the invite.

    Heres a link to my wordpress that is currently being worked on as i’m new to it:

    I have experience with Final Cut and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. On my wordpress page are links to some videos that i worked on at my last job for three musicians: Cyndi Lauper, Vivian Green and Imani Coppolla.

    Thanks again, lookin forward to it,

  22. kevhopper Said:

    Hey, I won’t be able to make it much to my displeasure because I’ve got work all day. I still have this wordpress with some of my work posted on it for viewing purposes anyway though. I wish everyone luck with the career day! I hope everything pans out flawlessly.

    -Kevin Hopper

  23. Hey Deb,

    See ya friday.

  24. hollisqueens Said:


  25. Hello Professor Krikun,

    Sorry I’m late!!!
    Please confirm that I have successfully register for tomorrow April 2nd!!!

    Christine Grose

  26. Samantha de Graffenried Said:

    Hi, Professor Krikun!

    I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make it tomorrow given our family plans for Good Friday. I’d still like to stop in though, if I do have some time and if you have any space left.

    ~ Samantha de G.

  27. bemoseley Said:

    Really late, but I’d still like to participate if possible.

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